Laboratory for the Analysis of compleX Economic Systems


The mission of AXES is to promote scientific research excellence in economics, exploiting a variety of theoretical and empirical tools to study policy relevant issues.

The Laboratory for the Analysis of CompleX Economic Systems (AXES) is a research unit whose work spans different fields of economics: from economic theory to applied econometrics, from international economics to political economy, from spatial and urban economics to industrial organization and business economics. We all share a common interest in original economic research that provides information critical to policy-making with a problem-solving approach. 

In our research we are keen to incorporate skills and tools from different disciplines, including graph theory, the physics of complex systems, data science, political science, computer science or neuroscience. In fact, we believe that a modern approach in economics requires considering the solution of economic problems more important than sticking to academic disciplines. Under such a multidisciplinary perspective, we strive to utilize the most recent developments in big data and machine learning, seeking to combine them with more traditional econometric approaches in our research.

Research Topics