Massimo Riccaboni (Director of the Unit, Full Professor)

Irene Crimaldi (Associate Professor)

Alessandro Belmonte (Assistant Professor)

Andrea Canidio (Assistant Professor)

Giorgio Stefano Gnecco (Assistant Professor)

Kenan Huremović (Assistant Professor)

Armando Rungi (Assistant Professor)

Francesco Serti (Assistant Professor)

Paolo Zacchia (Assistant Professor)

Davide Del Prete (Post Doctoral Fellows)

Andrea Morescalchi (Post Doctoral Fellows)

Valentina Tortolini (Post Doctoral Fellows)

Visiting Professors and Collaborators from other institutions

  • Nicola Dimitri (Visiting Professor)
  • Robert C. Johnson (Guest Scholar)
  • Oded Stark (Guest Scholar)
  • Alessandro Chessa (Visiting Professor)
  • Michelangelo Puliga (Visiting Professor)
  • Zhen Zhu (Guest Scholar)